Why choose us?

Why choose Norfolk Water Softeners?

  • We are a local company and only fit water softeners in Norfolk.
  • We have extensive experience of domestic plumbing and will provide you with good honest advice.
  • The British made water softeners we recommend and sell are fitted within our own homes so we know exactly how they work and how efficient and reliable they are. After all, we don’t want to come back and repair anything!
  • There is no obligation to buy following our initial survey visit. We feel the product we supply is so good it sells itself.
  • There are very few moving parts within a water softener so we expect our products to be reliable without any form of maintenance.

What happens next?

  • Give us a call or contact us by email and we’ll get back to you to arrange a visit.
  • We’ll come and see you at a time convenient to you and explain more about the product. We’ll check the size of your incoming water main and look at a suitable place for the machine to be installed.
  • It will often fit nicely under the kitchen sink.
  • We’ll bring a portable water softener with us and in about 20 minutes demonstrate how lovely soft water is.
  • We’ll take a few measurements and confirm the price of the installed softener.
  • We’ll agree a date for it to be installed. Installation is typically completed within half a day.
  • On the day agreed, we will arrive to fit the water softener. After fitting, we will demonstrate how to operate the softener and install the salt. On our twin cylinder, non-electric models there is only 1 instruction – put salt in!
  • We’ll leave you with a back-up supply of salt and information on where to buy your next supplies from.
  • Depending on your water usage, it can be some weeks before you need to top the softener up with salt again.
  • Payment can be made once the softener is installed and working.