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Norfolk Water Softeners

Norfolk Water Softeners are leading suppliers and installers of high performance water softeners serving the County of Norfolk. We have many years experience of fitting water softeners and providing plumbing services to both domestic and commercial properties. All our softeners are British made and we are Official Agents for Twintec Water Softeners in Norfolk. We offer free, no obligation surveys in your home including a simple practical demonstration of how soft your water supply could be.

What is Water Hardness?

Rainwater is naturally soft but becomes hard by soaking through the geological layers of clay, chalk and limestone that make up a large proportion of southern England. The water companies extract the water from underground aquifers and in doing so draw up these dissolved minerals into the water supply.

So why have a Water Softener?

Apart from the lovely feel of using softened water you will also find: • Approximately 50% less detergent is required. • Softened water will remove scale from your pipes and can increase the life of your boiler and other domestic equipment such as washing machines and dishwashers. • Showerheads, taps, valves etc will not scale up like they currently do.